Agenda of the General Assembly

Opening of the meeting

The President opens the meeting.


Validity of the meeting

e.g., has the meeting been announced according to the statutes?

Chairman of the meeting

Secretary of the meeting

Controllers / vote counters

Two people.

Registration of present members

Non-voting members

i.e. contributing members per the statutes.

Current voting members

i.e. active members per the statutes.

New voting members

Recommendations so far (by the Board, on 20070125):

  • Javier Sánchez Monedero
  • Andreas Rudert

Participation of non-members

Rights of presence or to talk

Changes to the agenda

According to the statutes, proposals must normally be announced in advance, or can only be discussed, e.g. as "other issues".

Board's activity report


Board's financial report

The previous financial report (up to the end of September 2006) was approved at the 2006 GA.

Exoneration of the board

Vote on report from financial controllers, on the previous board. (The board of 20061126-20071201 will be exonerated when the financial report is complete at a following General Assembly.

Allowed locations for the next General Assembly

By default, meetings are not explicitly allowed elsewhere than in Munich. On the previous GA, we also let this meeting be held in Brussels.

Board proposals

None at the time of writing.

Member proposals

Statute change: "Clarification of locality and language"

Submitted by: André Rebentisch

From the current statutes:

Fostering local language and culture:
Free information localizes informational competence. We care that important information is available for local persons in their language.

Change proposal:

Promotion of pluralism:
Cultural diversity is a desirate of an Open Society. Language variety in particular is a valuable asset, which the association respects and promotes.

From the German version:

Pege der Heimatsprache und -kultur:
Freie Information hält informatische Kompetenz im Lande. Wir sorgen dafür, dass wichtige Informationen den Menschen unserer Heimat in ihrer Sprache zur Verfügung stehen.

Change proposal for the German version:

Förderung von Pluralismus:
Kultureller Pluralismus ist ein Desiderat der Oenen Gesellschaft. Insbesondere sprachliche Vielfalt stellt einen wertvollen kulturellen Schatz dar, den der Verein praktisch respektiert und fördert.

Justication: The provision should get generalised and modernised in tone and language. Existing provisions are not precise enough. (E.g.: Free information keeps competence for information at home) Further, the FFII mostly uses English as an international communication language and thus breaks the provision: We ensure that important pieces of information are available for people of our homecountry in their language. Menschen unserer Heimat sounds rather cosy antique in German.

Statute change: "Payments to members"

Georg Jakob mentions that provision 5.3 in the statutes might be somewhat ambiguous, and that it might be interpreted as prohibiting remuneration if members do work for us. He proposes that the current wording:

The association's funds may only be used for goals specied in the statutes. Members do not receive payments from the association's funds.

be changed to:

No person may benet from expenses which are alien to the purpose of the association or from an unreasonably high remuneration.

And the German version:

Die Mittel des Vereins dürfen nur für die satzungsgemäÿn Zwecke verwendet werden. Die Mitglieder erhalten keine Zuwendungen aus Mitteln des Vereins.


Die Mitglieder erhalten keine Zuwendungen aus Mitteln des Vereins. Es darf keine Person durch Ausgaben, die dem Vereinszweck fremd sind, oder durch unverhaeltnismaeszig hohe Verguetungen beguenstigt werden.

Statute change: "GA announcement and proposals"

David Vuorio points to section 9.1, which stipulates that an General Assembly needs to be called upon four weeks prior, and section 9.7, which requires that proposals are posted one month in advance. It would help to remove any ambiguity, and synchronize these conditions.

He proposes to update the statutes to reflect:

  • that a General Assembly needs to be called for at least 30 days in advance,
  • that proposals (as of section 9.7) for the General Assembly need to announced at least 30 days prior to the Assembly.

FFII positions

Debate / framework decision on core FFII issues and beyond, such as priorities with regards to software patents and open standards, or views on
copyright and privacy issues.

FFII structures

From Georg Jakob:

In the past year, there has been repeated concern about what can be considered Structural Unity of the FFII.
At least, three schools of thought can be identified:

  1. The first one sees the FFII as a framework, in which working groups, acting mean, lean and fast prepare and implement certain campaigns quite independently, under different names and with (at least sometimes) little visibility of the FFII itself. In some cases, founding separate legal entities is considered the way to go to attract funds from people who wouldn't normally donate to the FFII.
  2. A second school of thought is highly critical of the rst one: it sees the former as a way of tearing up the FFII into its parts, leaving not a framework, but an empty hull, while replaceable activists as foot soldiers get burned in separate campaigns instead of being sustainably integrated into a larger and enduring collaboration.
  3. A third school of thought is somewhat in-between: the diversity of the first approach is appreciated, but still the concerns of the second are not taken too lightly.

My proposal is therefore to openly discuss this during the GA in order to understand which school of thought, if any, is dominant among the GA members.


This point should be reached no later than 19:00.

Requirements of board members

Pieter Hintjens proposes:

  • that new and staying board members state their goals and intentions for the following year, that said members report to the next General Assembly on their accomplishments in this context.
  • that said members report to the next General Assembly on their accomplishments in this context.


Presently the following three positions are known to be open:


Term ending.

Vice President

Resigns at the GA.

Board member

Resigns at the GA.

Reserve board members

Additionally to open board positions, reserve board members can be elected (also for specic positions such as Treasurer or Secretary).

Financial controllers

Election commissioner / election committee

Other issues

Discussions only.

Closing of the meeting